Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bhagyadevatha VCD/DVD released

Moser Baer entertainment released "Bhagyadevatha"'s VCD/DVD today...
Bhagydevatha , a mega hit from Sathyan Anthikad , satisfied all his fans.
Its Cinemateogrpahy,Music were the main highlights. It was considered as a comeback movie of Jayaram..

Sathyan sir had completed the story line of his new movie with Jayaram and started the screenplay of his new movie..This will his 50th movie..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy news for all Sathyan fans..His new movie announced

Sathyan sir's new movie announced..It will be his 50th movie..Now he is busy with the final touchups of the story.

Hero - Jayaram
Music - Ilayaraja
Camera - Venu
Producer - Thankachan Immanuel
Banner - True Line
Release - Vishu Release

More news followed..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Sathyan Anthikad's first producer

Mail from Remeez ...

Respected sir,
I just had a quick refer with your blog.its very informative abot sathyan anthikad movies,his career.being an sathyan antikad fan this blog is something which would relly help us to discuss our views and reiwes of his films but i have a samll concern that sathyan anthikad was shown as a proven director by the movie kurukante kalyanam which was produced by ph rasheed.its mr rasheed who stepped forward when many producers stepped behing to wrok with sathyan anthikaad.then their duo had many hit films like mandanmar londonil,lal americayil etc but Mr rasheed was not given mere inmportance in the blog.So i request you to please check in to it and bring into picture about sathyan anthikad's first prducer who help our favourite director prove his capablity and talent.
Thanks and Regards

Hello Rameez,

Thanks for giving us these details...

Sathyan Anthikad-Johnson Master

Mail from Vishal Vijayan..

ഹലോ ഫ്രണ്ട്

ബ്ലോഗ്‌ ഇഷ്ടമയി ....ഒരു അഭിപ്രായം ....സത്യന്‍ സര്‍ സിനിമകള്‍ക്ക് ജോണ്‍സണ്‍ മാസ്റ്റര്‍ നല്‍കിയ സംഭാവന വളരേ വലുതാണ് ...ഒരികളും മറകാനാവാത്ത ഗ്രാമീണത തുളുമ്പുന്ന ഗാനങ്ങള്‍.......
രാജാ സിറിനു ഒപ്പം ജോണ്‍സണ്‍ സംഗീതവും വേണം .....ജോണ്‍സണ്‍ മാസ്റ്റര്‍ -സത്യന്‍ സര്‍ കുടുകെട്ടില്‍ വിണ്ടും ഒരു സിനിമ പ്രതിക്ഷിക്കുന്നു ...pls

start a poll seaking others opinion


Vishal Vijayan

Ilayaraja or Johnson ?...That is a big question.
It was a directors choice to select his music director.In an interview Sathyan sir said that he still have a good relation with Johnson master, and Johnson Master has no complaints regarding this because Master also respects Ilayaraja very much.

What about your opinion ?

Leaving it to all..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Onam....

We wish you all a happy and prosperous Onam....

Bhadyadevatha 100th day celebration

Bhagyadevatha's 100th day has been celebrated.Sathyan sir's full crew attended the function.
Fazil was the chief guest.

In Jayaram's speech he said more about Ilayaraja's presence.Ilayaraja used to avoid these celebrations, even if Tamilnadu
chief minister invite him....It is only because of Rajasir's relation with Sathyettan he attended the function.He added that in Ilayaraja's studio Sathyan sir and Rajasir used to share jokes and they were behaving like thick friends...

Ilayaraja said that when he first heard the online of the story he was very impressed about that and he informed Sathyan sir that this film surely will be a big hit.

Innocent as usual shared his style of jokes...There were celebrations held in Anthikad arranged by Sathyan sir's family when Sathyan sir got Innocent's date for Bhagyadevatha....

Congratulations to Bhagyadevatha team.

Comedy scene from Yathrakkarude Sraddaykku

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homage to Murali...

Its bad time for Malayalam film industry....
Lohithadas,Rajan P Dev, now Murali....

In lot of films he had worked with Sathyan Anthikad.

My dear Muthachan
Snehasagaram (Hero)

May God bless his soul..we all can pray for his family.....

Murali in Vinodayathra

Murali - Vinodayathra

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bhagyadevatha 100th day......!!!!!!...............

Today its 100th day of Bhagyadevatha..The film still running successfully in some releasing centers including TVM Sree (4 shows)....

The film almost recovered its cost even before the release.This is one of the first report that came in media before its release.The film had given a rebirth to Jayaram.And it is good to see he is back.As always in almost all interviews he praised Sathyan sir..He always loved to work with Sathyan sir..In Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu,Artham,My dear Muthachan..,he acted the support role only because those movies were directed by Sathyan sir.

Narain's case is also similar..He is the one who think hundred times before giving his date..It was not a through out role.But he also agreed to work in this film, only because his commitment to Sathyan Sir...The turning point in Narain's career was Sathyan sir's Achuvinte Amma
The film also intoduced lot of new faces...Chembil Asokan (Boat owner),LakshmiPriya , Akhila (Jayaram's sisters)...As always , Vettukili Prakash also got a good role in this film too....He makes that interval sequence superb.....

As usual, songs department was outstanding..All songs were big hits...."Swapnangal Kannezhuthiya song sung by Rahul Nambiar is my personal favorite....

This is the for the second time Rajesh Jayaraman teams up with Sathyan sir..He wrote the story for Achuvinte Amma and now for "Bhagyadevatha".......

Venu's camera work is simply outstanding in this film..Especially boat scenes and all...
Yet another Sathyan Anthikad movie reached 100 days..Something all Sathyan Anthikad lovers can feel proud of....Waiting for more from Sathyan sir.......

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kalasangham M.M Hamsa, Producer of Bhagyadevatha

M.M Hamsa

Bhagyadevatha running towards its successful 100 days...Yet another Sathyan Anthikad film reached that mile stone...

The most important thing at the time of making that the director requires is his producers support.Today most of the producers involve in casting, screenplay and in every department.

Here comes a different man, Kalasangham M.M Hamsa..He approached Sathyan sir for this film and said "I need a film from you can select the hero,heroine and all other actors...I want a good film...He was not at all behind star values or star market which is good to see....
Malayalam industry needs these type of producers...
I noticed this person when he produced "Parakkum Thalika" (directed by Thaha) followed by Vinodayathra which is my personal best from Sathyan sir....

Sathyan sir also considers a lot of factors when he selects a producer.He used to team up with P.V Gangadharan (he gives his open date to Sathyan sir..Any time he is ready to invest for a Sathyan sir film).

Waiting for more good films from Kalasangham.....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bhagyadevatha - Venu's contribution


Bhagyadevatha still running very well all over Kerala.Dont forget Venu's contribution. This is for the first time he worked with Sathyan Anthikad. How well he pictuarised all those kuttanad shots... Amazing..... Many of the young generation dont know much about him...

He is a person who got many plenty of National awards...

1987 Namukku Parkan Munthirithoppukal,
1993 Miss Betty's Children,
1994 Ponthanmada
1998 Daya (Best debut director)

@ Venu sir........All the best for your future projects...

We hope Sathyan sir will again work with him in his future projects.

Mukesh and Sathyan Anthikad....!!!!... :)-

Its been Mukesh's long time dream to act in a Sathyan Anthikad's cinema.Both Sathyan sir and Mukesh were in the industry for more then 25 years,but they haven't worked together for many years..
Any issues between both ???

Not at all...Its just coincidence.

A journalist asked Mukesh about this.Mukesh replied that they were from same caste.It is because of that he haven't invited me for years..Its been a funny reply from him...

But when Sathyan sir saw this interview suddenly he called Mukesh and invited him for his very next project "Rasathanthram"..Followed by "Vinodayathra" and "Innathe Chinthavishayam".

Mukesh's (Shaji Ragahavan )performance in Vinodayathra was simply superb...Sathyan sir also was impressed with Mukesh's acting.

We hope they both will again work together in near future.

Sathyan sir's stills

Sathyan sir's stills.

Photos taken by Naushad Thrissur.

Good photography Naushad.....Thanks.....

Monday, June 29, 2009

Homage to Lohithadas

Its been a cruel sunday for all malayalam movie lovers.We lost our dear Lohithadas.
He started his career with "Thaniyavarthanam". joined with Sathyan sir for "Kudumbapuranam".Kudumpuranam is Lohithadas's third film as a script writer.In his all films he more tells about the relationship or bond between father and son.
He worked with Sathyan sir for

Kudumbapuranam (1988)
Sasneham (1990)
Kanalkattu (1991)
Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal (1999)
All were super hits

These were the films of Lohithadas

Lohithadas as a Writer:

1. Nivedhyam (2007) (writer)
2. Chakkara Muthu (2006) (writer)
3. Chakram (2003) (writer)
4. Kasthuriman (2003) (writer)
5. Soothradharan (2001) (writer)
6. Joker (2000) (writer)
7. Arayannegalude Veedu (2000) (writer)
8. Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal (1999) (writer)
9. Kanmadam (1998) (writer)
10. Ormacheppu (1998) (writer)
11. Bhoothakkannadi (1997) (writer)
12. Karunyam (1997) (writer)
13. Sallapam (1996) (writer)
14. Thooval Kottaram (1996) (writer)
15. Sadaram (1995) (writer)
16. Sagaram Sakshi (1994) (writer)
17. Chakoram (1994) (writer)
18. Padheyam (1993) (writer)
19. Gardish (1993) (story)
20. Vatsalyam (1993) (writer)
21. Chenkol (1993) (writer)
22. Venkalam (1993) (writer)
23. Kauravar (1992) (writer)
24. Adharam (1992) (writer)
25. Kamalathalam (1992) (writer)
26. Valayam (1992) (writer)
27. Kanalkkattu (1991) (writer)
28. Amaram (1991) (writer)
29. Bharatham (1991) (writer)
30. Dhanam (1991) (writer)
31. Kuttettan (1990) (writer)
32. His Highness Abdullah (1990) (writer)
33. Maala Yogam (1990) (writer)
34. Sasneham (1990) (writer)
35. Mahayanam (1989) (writer)
36. Mudra (1989) (writer)
37. Dasharatham (1989) (writer)
38. Jaathakam (1989) (writer)
39. Kireedam (1989) (writer)
40. Mukthi (1988) (writer)
41. Vicharana (1988) (writer)
42. Kudumba Puranam (1988) (writer)
43. Ezhuthapurangal (1987) (writer)
44. Thaniyavartanam (1987) (writer)

The films he directed

1. Nivedhyam (2007)
2. Chakkara Muthu (2006)
3. Chakram (2003)
4. Kasthuriman (2003)
5. Soothradharan (2001)
6. Joker (2000)
7. Arayannegalude Veedu (2000)

8 . Kanmadam (1998)
9. Ormacheppu (1998)
10. Karunyam (1997)
11. Bhoothakkannadi (1997)

Lohithads is not simply a writer to Sathyan sir.He is been a true friend to Sathyan sir.They both decided to work together in near future.But.....
Sathyan sir was not even in a situation to speak to press.He was crying like a child.That reveals the bond between him and Lohithadas.

In every movies , he tried to tell something to the youth.It is like that from his first film.
Please watch this scene from Thaniyavarthanam

Its a huge loss to the whole malayalam industry. We lost a legend.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Paravoor Bharathan's comdey - Mazhavilkkavady ..."car angottu pokilla angunne"...nice one....

Watch Paravoor Bharathan's comdey - Mazhavilkkavady
"car angottu pokilla angunne"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sreebala K Menon - Associate Director of Bhagyadevatha

Its been a surprise when we hear the name of a lady in the column of an assistant director.Thats Sreebala K Menon - Kerala Sahithya Academy award holder. Sreebala K Menon got a promotion from assistant to associate director in the film "Bhagyadevatha". She is a post-graduate in Literature, who is also trained in Science and Development Communication from the C-DIT.

Sreebala K. Menon was awarded the Kerala Sahitya Academi award in the category for humour.
Sreebala K Menon started her career in Sathyan Sir's " Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka". She worked as an assistant director in "Achuvinte Amma" , "Rasathanthram" , "Vinodayathra" , "Innathe Chinthavishayam". Its been Sreebala K Menon's luck to start with Sathyan Sir. No doubt she got a good talent and will surely proove her abilities as a writer and director.

We all can expect a good movie from her soon.
..All the best....

To read the inerview of Sreebala K Menon in The Hindu...

Click here

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bhagyadevatha 50 th day....Kudos to Sathyan Anthikad

Bhagyadevatha completes successfull 50 days in box office.
As always Sathyan Anthikad keeps his audience happy.In an interview he said " Dont go behind the other language films where they use new technologies. Use the technologies that the film demands.And never underestimate the audience mind." Rahul Nambiar

In this film Sathyan sir-Ilayaraja introduced a new singer to malayalam industry ..."Rahul Nambiar".He sung the song "swapnangal kannezhithiya" with K.S Chithra".....Before this song he sung a song for "Mulla"..Ee Ravil...But "swapnangal kannezhuthiya" song made him popular.and his voice made that song beautiful.
Congrats to him......
Recently i saw a good report about him in "The Hindu"

The another important thing is its location , Kuttanad.
Sathyan sir always select beautiful locations for his movies.
Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal - Goa
Achuvinte Amma - Calicut
Rasathanthram - Thodupuzha,Moolamattam

I am sure this film will surely run 100 days in almost all releasing centres.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bhagyadevatha's 25th day poster

Good one...nice design...good color tone...

Bhagyadevatha now "Vijayadevatha"......Yes ...stepping towards 50th day, it is already recovered all its costs and i am sure , it will make a huge profit.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mamukkoyas award makes me more happy - Sathyan Anthikad

Innathe Chinthavishayam got the state award for the popular movie of 2008.
Mamukkoya also got the award for best comedian for his acting in this film.
This is for the first time this award has been giving to someone by State govt.

As per Sathyan Anthikad, Mamukkoya deserves this award because of his dedication to a character.

Mamukkoya always got good characters in Sathyan sir's movies.

Gandhi Nagar2nd street, MazhavilKavadi, Nadodikkattu, Thalayanamanthram, Sasneham, Rasathanthram, Manassinakkare, Innathe Chinthavishayam were the films which he performed very well.
One of the best scene that came to my memory about Mamukkoya was from Thalayanamanthram which i used to say to my friends.
Thalayanamanthram - "nammal polytechnicil onnum padichittillallo"

Congratulations Mamukkoya....You deserve this award....

Innathe Chinthavishayam got state award - Popular movie of 2008

Happy news for all Sathyan Anthikad fans.

Sathyan Anthikad's "Innathe Chinthavishayam" has been selected as Popular movie of 2008.
Mohanlal , Meera Jasmin starred movie released as a vishu release last year.
This movie did well in box office too.The producer recovered the costs in the intial weeks itself.

Innathe Chinthavishayam - Review

Congratulations Sathyan sir......

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bhagyadevatha a big hit - Another mile stone in Sathyan Anthikad 's career

Sathyan Anthikad 's Bhagyadevatha completed five weeks in theater.Initial days the collection was not that high , but after three four days , again mouth publicity comes into play for a Sathyan Anthikad film.Family audience got what they expected from a Sathyan Anthikad movie.
Yes , as i mentioned in one of my posts , it was a treat for all sathyan sir fans.
When a new cinemateographer comes for the first time for a Sathyan Anthikad film , they will do the level best.For many years , Vipin Mohan was the cameraman for Sathyan Anthikad films.
When Azhagappan did camera for "Manassinakkare " , it was well appreciated all over the place.
Then S.Kumar for the first time did the camera work with Sathyan Anthikad for "Vinodayathra".
As you all know how beautiful for that. Now the veteran cameraman Venu for the first time did the camera work for Bhagyadevatha , and it was outstanding , especially the boat scenes.
All cameramen were waiting for a chance in Sathyan Anthikad film . Who is next ? Let us wait and see.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sathyan Anthikad Touch - A scene from Bhagyadevatha

Sathyan Anthikad Touch - A scene from Bhagyadevatha

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Watch the song Aadithira thannil veenalum

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watch the song Allipoove Mallipoove

Watch Allipoove Mallipoove

New 1 min promo Bhagyadevatha

New 1 min promo Bhagyadevatha

Bhagyadevatha - Location

Bhagyadevatha - Location

Sathyan Anthikad speaks about Bhagyadevatha

Sathyan Anthikad speaks about Bhagyadevatha

Part 1

Part 2

Allippove Mallippove - Bhagyadevatha


AlliPoovae malliPoovae
AlliPoovae malliPoovae
Ennen vaLLiKoodin veLLichantham neeyalle
Chundin allithaeno thanneedaan
Ennarikathoo maNimuththae neeyillae
ChellaKaatae valliKaate
ChellaKaatae valliKaate
Ennen veLLiKaavin muttathennum neeyalle
Chundin allithaeno vaangeedaanaay
Arikaththo maNimuththe neeyille]
Thoomanjin kaalathoo neeraadum nerathO
Vaasantha chellam thaedi poorunnile nee

AlliPoovae malliPoovae
AlliPoovae malliPoovae

Thaivarambil chaayam chinnum
Pookkaalam poole neeyen ponnae
Chandanathin changaadathil
Poopadam kaaNaan pooru kanne
Pandu thotte Mohichille
Kanduninno Nanichille
Maampoovin anpuLLa maariyil nanayae
Maunaththil neeyo niRayae
OLam poole theeram poole
OLam poole theeram poole
Thaane Cheerunille Naam

AlliPoovae malliPoovae
AlliPoovae MalliPoovae
[KannimuTTin chelalle Ne
Maratho choodi njan ninne

music - Ilayaraja
Lyrics - Vayalar Sarath

Singers - Vijay Yesudas and Swetha

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bhagyadevatha - Another super hit from Sathyan Anthikad - report

Hi all,

I haven't commented anything personally through out this blog.But today i am forced to do that.Today i have watched the movie "Bhagyadevatha",noon show. I have lot of friends who were fans of mohanlal and mamootty ,fights (friendly) each other when they saw a movie of their favorite star.Regarding the stars,i was always neutral and i love to watch the movie of every stars.For me my star is Sathyan sir.

Thats why i patiently waited for this movie and watched the movie first day itself.
To be frank i haven't watched a huge crowd in front of theatre..Only few reservation tickets were sold out and hardly the balcony tickets were full.Its been an unusual way of treatment for a releasing movie."Achuvinte Amma" was also like this manner...But we know the end result of the movie....In Trivandrum "achuvinte amma" played for 200 days....haha...Mouth publicty is the key factor of sathyan sir movies....I am sure within two or three days family audience will come into play and it will be difficult to get a ticket....The first scene of the movie was about KPAC Lalitha preparing "Achappam" Then......I am not entering into the entire story line which you all should have to watch it from theatre...

Yes, i am die hard fan of sathyan sir movies...He never cheated any of his audience....We can trust his movies..and not myself many should say he is the third superstar of malayalam film industry after mohanlal and mammootty..
I am pretty sure that you all will love the movie...In the movie you watch a different style of acting from jayaram....As always Innocent was the key factor for the comedies , which he plays a role of a drama actor where he performed very well...Next important thing was the roles of Nedumedi Venu and KP Sreekumar...Both acted well and their characters were also comedy blended..KPAC Lalitha also done a good contribution...Her fights with her mother in law was one of the highlight of this movie.. Narein(sunil) also acted well..It was not a through out role but he looks good all the way.. Next important thing is Kaniha....She was perfect for this role and she creates a feeling that only she was suited for the role...

To be frank "swapnangal" was my favorite song..But after watching the other two songs
"thira thallipoyalum" and "alli poove" i am confused to pick the best one...Visualization changed the outlook of these songs.... Cinematography by Venu was perfect....For me the most important thing was Re recording (Background score) by ILayaraja...That helped almost all the scenes to its perfection....

I was confused about the turning point after the interval sequence, But my confusions were vanished after the first 10 mins of interval...

If you are good family story film lover then this movie is for you...And the malayalam audience always promoted those movies to big hits....

so my Rating - Very Very Very Good movie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bhagyadevatha releasing tomorrow - A treat to all sathyan anthikad fans

Sathyan Anthikad's new film "Bhagyadevatha" is going to release tomorrow.

It is Sathyan Anthikad's 47th film.The family director who is into movie business for the last 30 years has not tasted any failure with his movies for the last six years, with each of the last seven becoming either super hits or safe earners.

This is the first coming together of Jayaram with Sathayan Anthikkad after a gap of five years after their last big hit ‘Manassinakkare’.

Rumours in the industry are that this Sathyan movie has already grabbed 1.60 crores as theatre advances. Add to this the satellite rights which usually fetches around 60 lakhs, which itself will help the production house Kalasangam to present the movie in a safer note, even before its release.

Sathyan Anthikad again teaming up with Ilayaraja for the music..."Swapnangal kannezhuthiya" song is already a hit...
No doubt this movie also will be a super hit...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

swapnangal kannezhuthiya - Lyrics

Vayalar Sarath

Lyrics - Vayalar Sarath

swapnangal kannezhuthiya matlsyakanyake
swarnanool erinajoral valaveesiyo
kalamereyayi ninne kathirunnuvo
kayalolamayi ninne thedi vannuvo
sakhi neeyo inayavan kani kandirnnuvo
swapnangal kannezhuthiya matlsyakanyake

madathe thathamme madaprave
nalathe sadyakku poroo melle
thalathil chanchadum tholapoove
thali poo malakku neeyaralle

ponnum minnum moodan illenkilum
konna poovalle nee ennum munnil

ponnum minnum moodan illenkilum
konna poovalle nee ennum munnil

kathirulunja pole puthu paanamayi nee
kasavanija pole nira shobha eeki nee
ahaa kalyana pennayi nee marum naalo
nellola theerathay ethum pozho
nenjin ullil aaro ullil aaroro
monjode monjode konjunnille
swapnangal kannezhuthiya matlsyakanyake
swarnanool erinajoral valaveesiyo

palum thenum chundil chalichille
punnaram nee peyyum nerathellam

palum thenum chundil chalichille
punnaram nee peyyum nerathellam

kalakalangalode kaliyodameriyoo
kadavilonnu koodan kothikoodi enthinoo
aaha alaathel adunnu moham thane
aaradi koodunnu daham melle
chollunnille aaro chollunnaararo
neeyalle neeyalle pennin maaran

swapnangal kannezhuthiya matlsyakanyake
kalamereyayi ninne kathirunnuvo
sakhi neeyo inayavan kani kandirnnivo

madathe thathamme madaprave
nalathe sadyakku poroo melle
thalathil chanchadum tholapoove
thali poo malakku neeyaralle

ILAYARAJA done it again....


Superb songs again....

Bhagyadevatha songs

Swapnangal Kannezhuthiya :- K.S Chithra and Rahul Nambiar

Thira Thallipoyalum :- Karthik

Allipoove Mallipoove :- Vijay Yesudas and Swetha...

My favorite :- Swapnangal Kannezhuthiya

Bhagyadevatha - Releasing next week


The film will be releasing next week.....

"Jayaram plays a cable operator who marries Kanika, daughter of a rich government officer, hoping to get a fat dowry. He hopes to get his two sisters married and improve his business with the dowry he gets through his marriage. Unfortunately he gets conned and the twist in the story happens."

Stroy :- Rajesh Jayaraman
Screenplay,Dialogues , Direction :- Sathyan Anthikad

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bhagyadevatha - swpnangal kannezhuthiya

Bhagyadevatha - swpnangal kannezhuthiya

Thanks to the uploader

Bhagyadevatha - Trailer

Bhagyadevatha - Trailer

Thanks to the uploader

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh mrudhule - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Oh mrudhule

Movie - Njan Ekananu
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - M.G Radhakrishnan

Oh mrudhule hrudhaya muraliyilozhuki vaa
Yaamini than madiyil mayangumee
Chandrikayilaaliyaan manassu
Manassumaay chernnidaam (yaamini)

Evideyaanenkilum ponne nin swaram
Madhu gaanamaay ennil nirayum (oh Mrudhule)

Kadhanamaanirulilum ponne nin mukham
Nira dheepamaay ennil theliyum (oh mrudhule)

Download this song

Click here

Watch this song online

Viswam kakkunna - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - viswam kakkunna
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Johnson
Movie - Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal
Singer - Yesudas

viswam kakkunna nadha
visweika nayaka
aathmavileriyunna theeyanaikku nin aathma chaithanyam niraikku
aathma chaithanyam niraikku
itayan kaivitta kunjatukal irulil kaithiri thirayumbol
aarumillathavarkkabhayam nalkum karunyamennil choriyenama karunyamennil choriyename (viswwam)
akalathe akalunnu snehambaram
nee ariyathe pokunnu en nombaram
anyanananankilum entayee kannuneer (2)
dhanyamay theeratte nin veedhiyil

llikkaadum - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - llikkaadum
Movie - Aduthaduthu
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Ravendran
Singer - P. Susheela

llikkaadum chella kaatum
Thammil cherum nimisham
Oh.. Tharum thalirum
Choodum hrudhayam ..oh..
Manjum mazhayum malaraay maarum (illikkaadum)

Thaane paadum maanasam
Thaalam cherkkum saagaram (thane)
Ee veyilum kuliraal nirayum
Oh..kannil karalil pranayam viriyum
Oh..kaliyum chiriyum niramaay aliyum (illikkaadum)

Moham nalkum dhoothumaay
Megham dhoore poy varum (moham)
Thenoliyaal kilikal mozhiyum
Oh..aruvi kuliril ilaneer ilakum
Oh..aruma chirakil kuruvikal paarum (illikkaadum)

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Kunjilam Chundil - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Kunjilam
Movie - Gayathri Devi Ente Amma
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Shyam
Singer - P.Susheela

Kunjilam Chundil punchiri kanan aakasathamma vannu
Kunjilam Chundil punchiri kanan aakasathamma vannu
kai niraye ponnadayum, kan nirayum tharattumaay
amma than jeevante poovaadiyil,
kaanatha poovalle nee
(Kunjilam Chundil...)

kannil kannin kannikinaavil kanneerumaykkum nee
ennum chirikkum, poonkaattu pole ennum kulir veesi vaa
innente tharaattin thalamaay, ponnunni nee oodi vaa
ponnunni nee oodi vaa
(Kunjilam Chundil...)

muthe, muthin, muthnikkompil, moovanthi pol virinju
kaalam kalikkum, kalocha kelkkan, kaathorthu nilppu njaan
neeyente jeevante jeevanil, aaswaasamaay oodi vaa
aaswaasamaay oodi vaa
(Kunjilam Chundil...)

Chirithookum thumbee - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Chirithookum
Movie - Aduthaduthu
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Raveendran

Chirithookum thumbee..,munnil aadi vaa..,
manamaake nin swaram..,
mizhiyaake nin mugham..,
oru kanavin madhunirayum kanimalaraay vaa..(2)

theithei theithei thakathom..,
thithai thakathei thom....

Swarnanoopurangal chaarthi ennil.,
Raaga deviyaay nritham cheyyaan..(2)
vannidumo nee..,
ende Omale..,swapnavumaayi..,
kaathunilpu njaan ..,
Iru udalukal oru hridhayavumaay vaa..,

Ethathishayame..,dhaivathin sneham..,
Ethra manoharame......(2)
Chirithookum thumbee munni aadi vaa..

Sapthasaagarangal paadum gaanum..,
thammileka bhaava thaalam nalkum(2)
Nombarangalil..,then purattuvaan..,
chumbanangaalaal enne mooduvaan..,
oru thalirile..,kuliramruthumaay nee vaaa..

Snehathin geetham vaazhthapedenam..
ennennum evdeyum(2)

Chirithookum thumbi...........

Adharam pakarum - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Adharam pakarum
Movie -Dhruvasangamam
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Raveendran
Singer - Lathika

Adharam.., pakarum..,madhuram nukaraan..,
iniyum varumo..,madhupan..,
thaarunyame ..,en meniyil..thaarangaalaam
anandame..,ee jeevitham..aaswadhyaamakum..

Aathmaavil anudhinam anudhinam mridhulaswaram..,
mohathin abhinava radhilaya madhurarasam..,
laavanyam parayuka madhumaya laharitharum..
aalasyam sirakalil avayoru sugam pakarum..
aamodham karalil vidarumen raagangal priyanethirayum..,Adharam....

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Doore pranaya kavitha - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Doore pranaya
Movie - Deepam
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Shyam
Singer - P. Jayachandran

Doore pranaya kavitha paadunnu vaanam
thazhe etho sukhada lahari nukarunna
bhoomikko kuliraniyum
Doore prnaya kavitha paadunnu vaanam
thazhe etho sukhada lahari nukarunna
bhoomikko kuliraniyum

mohangalaam deepangalenthi, ennullil ninnormakal
mohangalaam deepangalenthi, ennullil ninnormakal
poomizhikkonil neerbindhuvo, premagni than naalamo ?
(Doore ...)

rappadikal paadi mayangum, ravinte yamangalil
rappadikal paadi mayangum, ravinte yamangalil
aathmaviletho malakhayaay, rakenthu neeyananju
(Doore ...)

ponmukilin - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - ponmukilin
Movie - Arangum Aniyarayum
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - A.T Ummer
Singer - K.J Yesudas

ponmukilin poomadiyile venchandralekha
maanasavediyil virunnuvannu
kavithakal paadum mizhikalumaayi
karalilaval raaga nrithamaadi

manassiloranuraaga deepam koluthi
manassiloranuraaga deepam koluthi
maayamayooramaay aval maranju
rajanikal thorumen aathamanganathin
rajatha kavaadam njaan thurannu vechu

surabhilamaamoru swapnam pole
sa sa sa ni ni dha pagari gamapa maapa garisa
sariga pamapa gamapa sanisa
garinipagari rinipagarisa
sa sa sanisa
ri ri sanisa
surabhilamaamoru swapnam pole
enmoham nityavum kaathirunnu
hridaya nabhassile sasilekhayaayi
priyasakhi veendum orungi vannu

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Oru premaganam - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Oru premaganam
Movie - ashtamayam
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Shyam

Oru premaganam paadeee,
ilam thennalenneyunarthi
ithalil mizhineer kanikayumay
en malare neeyiniyum unarnnille.

mulamkadurangum ravil
en kinavin vallikudilil (2)
Orukudam thenumay,
poonila bindupol, virunnuvarum vanakanyake
kadamizhiyal kadha parayum
neeyen jeevante ragamalle
oruprema ganam padee ,
ilam thennalenneyunarthi

Manjin chela chuttiya kavil ,
niramala charthum ravil,(2)
Thalirilam kumbilil chempaneeer poovumay,
orungivarum soundaryame,
kalviralal kalamezhuthum

neeyen manassin thalamalle.
Oru premaganam paadeee,
ilam thennalenneyunarthi
ithalil mizhineer kanikayumay
en malare neeyiniyum unarnnille.

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Ormayundo - Lyrics-Sathyan Anthikad

Lyrics:Sathyan Anthikad
P Jayachandran,Mallika

Ormayundo, Ormayundo..
ambala nadayil dwadasi naalil
thanka vilakkukaluyarumbol
nee thalamenthi, poo maala choodi
thaalamenthi, maala choodi, thozhuthu madangumbol

kathakalippattukal kettu nilkkum nin
kavilil kulir kaattummavaykkumbol
kannukalaal nee kavithakalezhuthi
ennile enneyunarthi.. ennittu..
ente manassin ithalukalil puthu
panineer parimalamaay..

mohamunarthum nilavil, raga lolayaay
nee varumbol..
darling, i hava a story to tell you..
the story has never been told..
lalalala lalalala lalalala la..

nizhalukal kai kotti kalikkum kinavil
nirupame neeyoru devatha pole
anayumbol nin chodikale njaan thiru
madhuram nalkiyurakkum.. pinne..
ninte manohara youvvna lahariyil..

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Hemanthathin - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Lyrics:Sathyan Anthikad
Singer: S.Janaki

Hemanthathin, neer poo, mizhiyil vidarum poove
madhu bindhuvaay neeyunarnnu
naanathin muthukal choodi, prema ganathin muralikayoothi
ninnathma ragam nukaraanayethum
salabhangalaayen mridu mohangal..

raavinte ekantha yaamangalil
njaanennum kaanunna swapnangalil
nirayunnu nin raaga swara manjari
athile, sruthiyay eriyumbozhen
abhilaasha kusumangal punchirippoo..

aasa pratheekangal thiri neettumbol
akathaaril padarunnu nin sugandham
madhu maasam kanivaychu peythidumbol
athile kuliraay nee varumbol
anuraga malarithalaay vidarunnu njaan..

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swarnamaalakal - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - swarnamaalakal
Movie name - Love Letter
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - K.J Joy
Singer - Ambili

swarnamaalakal vinnil vitharum
swapnalolayaam saayaahname...
tharu tharu suraagangale
ennathmaavin raagangale...(2)

sankalpathin naalangale....
ennil vannu nirayu ennullil nrithamadu
tharala hridayaraagangal ennilunarthu

mohangale swapnarenukkale
thaarunyathin pratheepangale
ennil vannu nirayu ennulilamrithu choriyu
madhuramridu vikaarangal ennilunarthu

dukhithare... Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - dukhithare
Movie name - Love Letter
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - K.J Joy
Singer - Zero Babu

dukhithare ...kanneer ozhukkuvore...
dukhikku.... kanneerozhukku...
ithu ashareeri..ashareeri...ashareeri
jillakkam jilledi jillao(2)

vayalaarezhuthi bhaskaranezhuthi
thampiyumezhuthi ashareeri..
ashareeri... ashareeri...
jillakam jilledi jillalo(2)

thallukondee thallipolikal engiyengi karayumpol
orashareeri najngal rachichillenkil
ashareerikalkkenthu saaram? athin rachayikalkkini enthu sthaanam?
jillakkam ...

ysudaasum.... jaanakiyum....
yesudaasum jaanakiyum jayachandranum paadi shokaraagam
jillakkam jilledi jillalo(2)

kadanathaalee kallapparishakal
hridayam vingi thengumpol
orushokaraagam alaapiachillenkil
raanangalkkini enthu sthaanam
dukha gaayakarkkini enthu sthaanam

Rajani, parayu - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song Name - Rajani, parayu
Singer-KJ Yesudas,KS Chithra
Music-MG Radhakrishnan
Lyrics-Sathyan Anthikkad

Rajani, parayu, poonilavin parilalanathal
nombarangal maayumo
Rajani, parayu, poonilavin parilalanathal
nombarangal maayumo

ormakal than jaalakangal verutheyenno moodi njaan
ormakal than jaalakangal verutheyenno moodi njaan
iniyumee poovalliyil mohapushpam vidarumo...
manasse.. manasse..
(Rajani, parayu...)

veenapoovin gaanamorkke mizhikalenthe nirayuvan
veenapoovin gaanamorkke mizhikalenthe nirayuvan
piriyumoro veedhikal akaleyonnay cherumo..
manasse.. manasse..
(Rajani, parayu...)

Pranaya vasantham - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song Name - Pranaya vasantham
KJ Yesudas,KS Chithra
Music-MG Radhakrishnan
Lyrics-Sathyan Anthikkad

Pranaya vasantham thaliraniyumbol
priya saghiyenthe maunam
nee azhakin kathiraayil alayumbol
sirakaliletho puthiya vikaaram
aliyukayaanen vishaadam

devi nin jeevanil moham shruthi meettunnu
deva nin jeevanil moham shruthi meettunnu
sundaram surabhilam sugha laalanam
ente nenjile poomughathoru kaavadiyaattam
(pranaya vasantham)
naanam choodum kannil
dhaaham oli minnumbol
oru kudam varavelkkumbol
ente ikkili koottinithiri idamekumo
(pranaya vasantham)

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Oru Nimisham Tharoo - Lyrics Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Oru Nimisham Tharoo
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikkad
Music - A.T Ummer
Singer - KJ Yesudas

Oru nimisham tharu ninnil aliyan
Oru yugam tharu ninne ariyan
Nee swarga ragam njan raga megham

Neelmabarathile neradha kanyakal
Nin neela mizhi kandu mugham kunichu
Aa neele mizhikalil oru nava swapnamayi
Nirmale en anuragam thalirthuvenkil
(oru nimisham)
neermuthu choodiya chembaneer mottukal
nin chenchodi kandu thalarnnu ninnu
aa chenchodikalil oru mauna geethamayi
oamle en moham unarnnu venkil
(oru nimisham)

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Aadhyamaay kanda naal Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song: Aadhyamaayi kandanal
Film: Jala tharangam
Lyricist: Sathyan Anthikad
Music: A.T Ummer
Singer: K.J Yesudas

Aadhyamaay kanda naal neeyennil
Anuraaga dheepamaay thelinju ninnu
Annente manassile thaalamaay nee
Innente jeevanil jeevanaay nee (aadhyamaay)

Annente aathma vipanchikayil neeyenna
Gaanam niranju ninnu (annente)
Innente swasavum shabdhavum nee
Innente kannile dheepthiyum nee (aadhyamaay)

Annente aathmaavil aakamaanam
Neeyenna swapnam niranju ninnu
Innente mohavum mukthiyum nee
Innente ragaanubhoothiyum nee (aadhyamaay)

pooveyil mayangum Lyrics Sathyan Anthikad

Song:pooveyil mayangum
Lyrics:Sathyan Anthikad
Singer: P.Susheela

pooveyil mayangum ponnushashin madiyil
poompodi aliyum thennalinte thodayil - (2)

himasigarangale ummavechethumeee maruthan
maduramay padee
karalile moham mrudalamam raagam
unarum thirayum
karalile moham mrudalamam raagam
unarum thirayum ennum swapnam kanum theeram

pooveyil mayangum ponnushashin madiyil
poompodi aliyum thennalinte thodayil

mizhikalil anjanam chaarthi prabhathamam priyathozhi nava vaduvaayi
arikil varumbol thennalin moham amrutham
choriyum pakal pennin adarangalil

pooveyil mayangum ponnushashin madiyil
poompodi aliyum thennalinte thodayil

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