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Bhagyadevatha - Another super hit from Sathyan Anthikad - report

Hi all,

I haven't commented anything personally through out this blog.But today i am forced to do that.Today i have watched the movie "Bhagyadevatha",noon show. I have lot of friends who were fans of mohanlal and mamootty ,fights (friendly) each other when they saw a movie of their favorite star.Regarding the stars,i was always neutral and i love to watch the movie of every stars.For me my star is Sathyan sir.

Thats why i patiently waited for this movie and watched the movie first day itself.
To be frank i haven't watched a huge crowd in front of theatre..Only few reservation tickets were sold out and hardly the balcony tickets were full.Its been an unusual way of treatment for a releasing movie."Achuvinte Amma" was also like this manner...But we know the end result of the movie....In Trivandrum "achuvinte amma" played for 200 days....haha...Mouth publicty is the key factor of sathyan sir movies....I am sure within two or three days family audience will come into play and it will be difficult to get a ticket....The first scene of the movie was about KPAC Lalitha preparing "Achappam" Then......I am not entering into the entire story line which you all should have to watch it from theatre...

Yes, i am die hard fan of sathyan sir movies...He never cheated any of his audience....We can trust his movies..and not myself many should say he is the third superstar of malayalam film industry after mohanlal and mammootty..
I am pretty sure that you all will love the movie...In the movie you watch a different style of acting from jayaram....As always Innocent was the key factor for the comedies , which he plays a role of a drama actor where he performed very well...Next important thing was the roles of Nedumedi Venu and KP Sreekumar...Both acted well and their characters were also comedy blended..KPAC Lalitha also done a good contribution...Her fights with her mother in law was one of the highlight of this movie.. Narein(sunil) also acted well..It was not a through out role but he looks good all the way.. Next important thing is Kaniha....She was perfect for this role and she creates a feeling that only she was suited for the role...

To be frank "swapnangal" was my favorite song..But after watching the other two songs
"thira thallipoyalum" and "alli poove" i am confused to pick the best one...Visualization changed the outlook of these songs.... Cinematography by Venu was perfect....For me the most important thing was Re recording (Background score) by ILayaraja...That helped almost all the scenes to its perfection....

I was confused about the turning point after the interval sequence, But my confusions were vanished after the first 10 mins of interval...

If you are good family story film lover then this movie is for you...And the malayalam audience always promoted those movies to big hits....

so my Rating - Very Very Very Good movie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bhagyadevatha releasing tomorrow - A treat to all sathyan anthikad fans

Sathyan Anthikad's new film "Bhagyadevatha" is going to release tomorrow.

It is Sathyan Anthikad's 47th film.The family director who is into movie business for the last 30 years has not tasted any failure with his movies for the last six years, with each of the last seven becoming either super hits or safe earners.

This is the first coming together of Jayaram with Sathayan Anthikkad after a gap of five years after their last big hit ‘Manassinakkare’.

Rumours in the industry are that this Sathyan movie has already grabbed 1.60 crores as theatre advances. Add to this the satellite rights which usually fetches around 60 lakhs, which itself will help the production house Kalasangam to present the movie in a safer note, even before its release.

Sathyan Anthikad again teaming up with Ilayaraja for the music..."Swapnangal kannezhuthiya" song is already a hit...
No doubt this movie also will be a super hit...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

swapnangal kannezhuthiya - Lyrics

Vayalar Sarath

Lyrics - Vayalar Sarath

swapnangal kannezhuthiya matlsyakanyake
swarnanool erinajoral valaveesiyo
kalamereyayi ninne kathirunnuvo
kayalolamayi ninne thedi vannuvo
sakhi neeyo inayavan kani kandirnnuvo
swapnangal kannezhuthiya matlsyakanyake

madathe thathamme madaprave
nalathe sadyakku poroo melle
thalathil chanchadum tholapoove
thali poo malakku neeyaralle

ponnum minnum moodan illenkilum
konna poovalle nee ennum munnil

ponnum minnum moodan illenkilum
konna poovalle nee ennum munnil

kathirulunja pole puthu paanamayi nee
kasavanija pole nira shobha eeki nee
ahaa kalyana pennayi nee marum naalo
nellola theerathay ethum pozho
nenjin ullil aaro ullil aaroro
monjode monjode konjunnille
swapnangal kannezhuthiya matlsyakanyake
swarnanool erinajoral valaveesiyo

palum thenum chundil chalichille
punnaram nee peyyum nerathellam

palum thenum chundil chalichille
punnaram nee peyyum nerathellam

kalakalangalode kaliyodameriyoo
kadavilonnu koodan kothikoodi enthinoo
aaha alaathel adunnu moham thane
aaradi koodunnu daham melle
chollunnille aaro chollunnaararo
neeyalle neeyalle pennin maaran

swapnangal kannezhuthiya matlsyakanyake
kalamereyayi ninne kathirunnuvo
sakhi neeyo inayavan kani kandirnnivo

madathe thathamme madaprave
nalathe sadyakku poroo melle
thalathil chanchadum tholapoove
thali poo malakku neeyaralle

ILAYARAJA done it again....


Superb songs again....

Bhagyadevatha songs

Swapnangal Kannezhuthiya :- K.S Chithra and Rahul Nambiar

Thira Thallipoyalum :- Karthik

Allipoove Mallipoove :- Vijay Yesudas and Swetha...

My favorite :- Swapnangal Kannezhuthiya

Bhagyadevatha - Releasing next week


The film will be releasing next week.....

"Jayaram plays a cable operator who marries Kanika, daughter of a rich government officer, hoping to get a fat dowry. He hopes to get his two sisters married and improve his business with the dowry he gets through his marriage. Unfortunately he gets conned and the twist in the story happens."

Stroy :- Rajesh Jayaraman
Screenplay,Dialogues , Direction :- Sathyan Anthikad

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bhagyadevatha - swpnangal kannezhuthiya

Bhagyadevatha - swpnangal kannezhuthiya

Thanks to the uploader

Bhagyadevatha - Trailer

Bhagyadevatha - Trailer

Thanks to the uploader

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh mrudhule - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Oh mrudhule

Movie - Njan Ekananu
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - M.G Radhakrishnan

Oh mrudhule hrudhaya muraliyilozhuki vaa
Yaamini than madiyil mayangumee
Chandrikayilaaliyaan manassu
Manassumaay chernnidaam (yaamini)

Evideyaanenkilum ponne nin swaram
Madhu gaanamaay ennil nirayum (oh Mrudhule)

Kadhanamaanirulilum ponne nin mukham
Nira dheepamaay ennil theliyum (oh mrudhule)

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Viswam kakkunna - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - viswam kakkunna
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Johnson
Movie - Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal
Singer - Yesudas

viswam kakkunna nadha
visweika nayaka
aathmavileriyunna theeyanaikku nin aathma chaithanyam niraikku
aathma chaithanyam niraikku
itayan kaivitta kunjatukal irulil kaithiri thirayumbol
aarumillathavarkkabhayam nalkum karunyamennil choriyenama karunyamennil choriyename (viswwam)
akalathe akalunnu snehambaram
nee ariyathe pokunnu en nombaram
anyanananankilum entayee kannuneer (2)
dhanyamay theeratte nin veedhiyil

llikkaadum - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - llikkaadum
Movie - Aduthaduthu
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Ravendran
Singer - P. Susheela

llikkaadum chella kaatum
Thammil cherum nimisham
Oh.. Tharum thalirum
Choodum hrudhayam ..oh..
Manjum mazhayum malaraay maarum (illikkaadum)

Thaane paadum maanasam
Thaalam cherkkum saagaram (thane)
Ee veyilum kuliraal nirayum
Oh..kannil karalil pranayam viriyum
Oh..kaliyum chiriyum niramaay aliyum (illikkaadum)

Moham nalkum dhoothumaay
Megham dhoore poy varum (moham)
Thenoliyaal kilikal mozhiyum
Oh..aruvi kuliril ilaneer ilakum
Oh..aruma chirakil kuruvikal paarum (illikkaadum)

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Kunjilam Chundil - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Kunjilam
Movie - Gayathri Devi Ente Amma
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Shyam
Singer - P.Susheela

Kunjilam Chundil punchiri kanan aakasathamma vannu
Kunjilam Chundil punchiri kanan aakasathamma vannu
kai niraye ponnadayum, kan nirayum tharattumaay
amma than jeevante poovaadiyil,
kaanatha poovalle nee
(Kunjilam Chundil...)

kannil kannin kannikinaavil kanneerumaykkum nee
ennum chirikkum, poonkaattu pole ennum kulir veesi vaa
innente tharaattin thalamaay, ponnunni nee oodi vaa
ponnunni nee oodi vaa
(Kunjilam Chundil...)

muthe, muthin, muthnikkompil, moovanthi pol virinju
kaalam kalikkum, kalocha kelkkan, kaathorthu nilppu njaan
neeyente jeevante jeevanil, aaswaasamaay oodi vaa
aaswaasamaay oodi vaa
(Kunjilam Chundil...)

Chirithookum thumbee - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Chirithookum
Movie - Aduthaduthu
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Raveendran

Chirithookum thumbee..,munnil aadi vaa..,
manamaake nin swaram..,
mizhiyaake nin mugham..,
oru kanavin madhunirayum kanimalaraay vaa..(2)

theithei theithei thakathom..,
thithai thakathei thom....

Swarnanoopurangal chaarthi ennil.,
Raaga deviyaay nritham cheyyaan..(2)
vannidumo nee..,
ende Omale..,swapnavumaayi..,
kaathunilpu njaan ..,
Iru udalukal oru hridhayavumaay vaa..,

Ethathishayame..,dhaivathin sneham..,
Ethra manoharame......(2)
Chirithookum thumbee munni aadi vaa..

Sapthasaagarangal paadum gaanum..,
thammileka bhaava thaalam nalkum(2)
Nombarangalil..,then purattuvaan..,
chumbanangaalaal enne mooduvaan..,
oru thalirile..,kuliramruthumaay nee vaaa..

Snehathin geetham vaazhthapedenam..
ennennum evdeyum(2)

Chirithookum thumbi...........

Adharam pakarum - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Adharam pakarum
Movie -Dhruvasangamam
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Raveendran
Singer - Lathika

Adharam.., pakarum..,madhuram nukaraan..,
iniyum varumo..,madhupan..,
thaarunyame ..,en meniyil..thaarangaalaam
anandame..,ee jeevitham..aaswadhyaamakum..

Aathmaavil anudhinam anudhinam mridhulaswaram..,
mohathin abhinava radhilaya madhurarasam..,
laavanyam parayuka madhumaya laharitharum..
aalasyam sirakalil avayoru sugam pakarum..
aamodham karalil vidarumen raagangal priyanethirayum..,Adharam....

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Doore pranaya kavitha - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Doore pranaya
Movie - Deepam
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Shyam
Singer - P. Jayachandran

Doore pranaya kavitha paadunnu vaanam
thazhe etho sukhada lahari nukarunna
bhoomikko kuliraniyum
Doore prnaya kavitha paadunnu vaanam
thazhe etho sukhada lahari nukarunna
bhoomikko kuliraniyum

mohangalaam deepangalenthi, ennullil ninnormakal
mohangalaam deepangalenthi, ennullil ninnormakal
poomizhikkonil neerbindhuvo, premagni than naalamo ?
(Doore ...)

rappadikal paadi mayangum, ravinte yamangalil
rappadikal paadi mayangum, ravinte yamangalil
aathmaviletho malakhayaay, rakenthu neeyananju
(Doore ...)

ponmukilin - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - ponmukilin
Movie - Arangum Aniyarayum
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - A.T Ummer
Singer - K.J Yesudas

ponmukilin poomadiyile venchandralekha
maanasavediyil virunnuvannu
kavithakal paadum mizhikalumaayi
karalilaval raaga nrithamaadi

manassiloranuraaga deepam koluthi
manassiloranuraaga deepam koluthi
maayamayooramaay aval maranju
rajanikal thorumen aathamanganathin
rajatha kavaadam njaan thurannu vechu

surabhilamaamoru swapnam pole
sa sa sa ni ni dha pagari gamapa maapa garisa
sariga pamapa gamapa sanisa
garinipagari rinipagarisa
sa sa sanisa
ri ri sanisa
surabhilamaamoru swapnam pole
enmoham nityavum kaathirunnu
hridaya nabhassile sasilekhayaayi
priyasakhi veendum orungi vannu

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Oru premaganam - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Oru premaganam
Movie - ashtamayam
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - Shyam

Oru premaganam paadeee,
ilam thennalenneyunarthi
ithalil mizhineer kanikayumay
en malare neeyiniyum unarnnille.

mulamkadurangum ravil
en kinavin vallikudilil (2)
Orukudam thenumay,
poonila bindupol, virunnuvarum vanakanyake
kadamizhiyal kadha parayum
neeyen jeevante ragamalle
oruprema ganam padee ,
ilam thennalenneyunarthi

Manjin chela chuttiya kavil ,
niramala charthum ravil,(2)
Thalirilam kumbilil chempaneeer poovumay,
orungivarum soundaryame,
kalviralal kalamezhuthum

neeyen manassin thalamalle.
Oru premaganam paadeee,
ilam thennalenneyunarthi
ithalil mizhineer kanikayumay
en malare neeyiniyum unarnnille.

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Ormayundo - Lyrics-Sathyan Anthikad

Lyrics:Sathyan Anthikad
P Jayachandran,Mallika

Ormayundo, Ormayundo..
ambala nadayil dwadasi naalil
thanka vilakkukaluyarumbol
nee thalamenthi, poo maala choodi
thaalamenthi, maala choodi, thozhuthu madangumbol

kathakalippattukal kettu nilkkum nin
kavilil kulir kaattummavaykkumbol
kannukalaal nee kavithakalezhuthi
ennile enneyunarthi.. ennittu..
ente manassin ithalukalil puthu
panineer parimalamaay..

mohamunarthum nilavil, raga lolayaay
nee varumbol..
darling, i hava a story to tell you..
the story has never been told..
lalalala lalalala lalalala la..

nizhalukal kai kotti kalikkum kinavil
nirupame neeyoru devatha pole
anayumbol nin chodikale njaan thiru
madhuram nalkiyurakkum.. pinne..
ninte manohara youvvna lahariyil..

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Hemanthathin - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Lyrics:Sathyan Anthikad
Singer: S.Janaki

Hemanthathin, neer poo, mizhiyil vidarum poove
madhu bindhuvaay neeyunarnnu
naanathin muthukal choodi, prema ganathin muralikayoothi
ninnathma ragam nukaraanayethum
salabhangalaayen mridu mohangal..

raavinte ekantha yaamangalil
njaanennum kaanunna swapnangalil
nirayunnu nin raaga swara manjari
athile, sruthiyay eriyumbozhen
abhilaasha kusumangal punchirippoo..

aasa pratheekangal thiri neettumbol
akathaaril padarunnu nin sugandham
madhu maasam kanivaychu peythidumbol
athile kuliraay nee varumbol
anuraga malarithalaay vidarunnu njaan..

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swarnamaalakal - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - swarnamaalakal
Movie name - Love Letter
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - K.J Joy
Singer - Ambili

swarnamaalakal vinnil vitharum
swapnalolayaam saayaahname...
tharu tharu suraagangale
ennathmaavin raagangale...(2)

sankalpathin naalangale....
ennil vannu nirayu ennullil nrithamadu
tharala hridayaraagangal ennilunarthu

mohangale swapnarenukkale
thaarunyathin pratheepangale
ennil vannu nirayu ennulilamrithu choriyu
madhuramridu vikaarangal ennilunarthu

dukhithare... Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song - dukhithare
Movie name - Love Letter
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad
Music - K.J Joy
Singer - Zero Babu

dukhithare ...kanneer ozhukkuvore...
dukhikku.... kanneerozhukku...
ithu ashareeri..ashareeri...ashareeri
jillakkam jilledi jillao(2)

vayalaarezhuthi bhaskaranezhuthi
thampiyumezhuthi ashareeri..
ashareeri... ashareeri...
jillakam jilledi jillalo(2)

thallukondee thallipolikal engiyengi karayumpol
orashareeri najngal rachichillenkil
ashareerikalkkenthu saaram? athin rachayikalkkini enthu sthaanam?
jillakkam ...

ysudaasum.... jaanakiyum....
yesudaasum jaanakiyum jayachandranum paadi shokaraagam
jillakkam jilledi jillalo(2)

kadanathaalee kallapparishakal
hridayam vingi thengumpol
orushokaraagam alaapiachillenkil
raanangalkkini enthu sthaanam
dukha gaayakarkkini enthu sthaanam

Rajani, parayu - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song Name - Rajani, parayu
Singer-KJ Yesudas,KS Chithra
Music-MG Radhakrishnan
Lyrics-Sathyan Anthikkad

Rajani, parayu, poonilavin parilalanathal
nombarangal maayumo
Rajani, parayu, poonilavin parilalanathal
nombarangal maayumo

ormakal than jaalakangal verutheyenno moodi njaan
ormakal than jaalakangal verutheyenno moodi njaan
iniyumee poovalliyil mohapushpam vidarumo...
manasse.. manasse..
(Rajani, parayu...)

veenapoovin gaanamorkke mizhikalenthe nirayuvan
veenapoovin gaanamorkke mizhikalenthe nirayuvan
piriyumoro veedhikal akaleyonnay cherumo..
manasse.. manasse..
(Rajani, parayu...)

Pranaya vasantham - Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song Name - Pranaya vasantham
KJ Yesudas,KS Chithra
Music-MG Radhakrishnan
Lyrics-Sathyan Anthikkad

Pranaya vasantham thaliraniyumbol
priya saghiyenthe maunam
nee azhakin kathiraayil alayumbol
sirakaliletho puthiya vikaaram
aliyukayaanen vishaadam

devi nin jeevanil moham shruthi meettunnu
deva nin jeevanil moham shruthi meettunnu
sundaram surabhilam sugha laalanam
ente nenjile poomughathoru kaavadiyaattam
(pranaya vasantham)
naanam choodum kannil
dhaaham oli minnumbol
oru kudam varavelkkumbol
ente ikkili koottinithiri idamekumo
(pranaya vasantham)

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Oru Nimisham Tharoo - Lyrics Sathyan Anthikad

Song - Oru Nimisham Tharoo
Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikkad
Music - A.T Ummer
Singer - KJ Yesudas

Oru nimisham tharu ninnil aliyan
Oru yugam tharu ninne ariyan
Nee swarga ragam njan raga megham

Neelmabarathile neradha kanyakal
Nin neela mizhi kandu mugham kunichu
Aa neele mizhikalil oru nava swapnamayi
Nirmale en anuragam thalirthuvenkil
(oru nimisham)
neermuthu choodiya chembaneer mottukal
nin chenchodi kandu thalarnnu ninnu
aa chenchodikalil oru mauna geethamayi
oamle en moham unarnnu venkil
(oru nimisham)

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Aadhyamaay kanda naal Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song: Aadhyamaayi kandanal
Film: Jala tharangam
Lyricist: Sathyan Anthikad
Music: A.T Ummer
Singer: K.J Yesudas

Aadhyamaay kanda naal neeyennil
Anuraaga dheepamaay thelinju ninnu
Annente manassile thaalamaay nee
Innente jeevanil jeevanaay nee (aadhyamaay)

Annente aathma vipanchikayil neeyenna
Gaanam niranju ninnu (annente)
Innente swasavum shabdhavum nee
Innente kannile dheepthiyum nee (aadhyamaay)

Annente aathmaavil aakamaanam
Neeyenna swapnam niranju ninnu
Innente mohavum mukthiyum nee
Innente ragaanubhoothiyum nee (aadhyamaay)

pooveyil mayangum Lyrics Sathyan Anthikad

Song:pooveyil mayangum
Lyrics:Sathyan Anthikad
Singer: P.Susheela

pooveyil mayangum ponnushashin madiyil
poompodi aliyum thennalinte thodayil - (2)

himasigarangale ummavechethumeee maruthan
maduramay padee
karalile moham mrudalamam raagam
unarum thirayum
karalile moham mrudalamam raagam
unarum thirayum ennum swapnam kanum theeram

pooveyil mayangum ponnushashin madiyil
poompodi aliyum thennalinte thodayil

mizhikalil anjanam chaarthi prabhathamam priyathozhi nava vaduvaayi
arikil varumbol thennalin moham amrutham
choriyum pakal pennin adarangalil

pooveyil mayangum ponnushashin madiyil
poompodi aliyum thennalinte thodayil

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Mazha thulli thulli Lyrics Sathyan Anthikad

Song:Mazha thulli thulli
Lyrics:Sathyan Anthikad

Mazha thulli thulli nrutham aadi varum vaanil
Varsha meghangal peeli neerthunnu
Prema sangeetham paadunnu ennil ninnil
Moham cherum cherum cherum

Mele maanam chela maatidumbol
Thaazhe bhoomi dhaaham kondidunnu
Ninnil premam vannu poovidumbol
Ennil raagam muthamittidunnu
Varoo….maarivillin prabha pole
Thaamara mizihiyil naanamothukkum penne
Pranaya paraagam karalil vitharum kavithe (mazha)

Mannil varsha bindu veenidumbol
Sneha dhaara nenjilooridunnu
Saagarathil bindu chernnidumbol
Nammil prema bhaavamothidunnu
Tharoo…prema manthram layichidum
Sneha geetham dhanu maasa
Chandrika pole mandahasikkum penne
Kanaka pathanga chirakukal tholkkum azhake (mazha)

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Thaamara poonkattu Lyrics Sathyan Anthikad

Song: Thaamara poonkattu
Film: Neeyo Njano (1979)
Lyrics: Sathyan Anthikad
Music: Shyam
Singer: P Jayachandran

Thamarapoonkattu pole....Naanichodum kaattupenne (2)
Chenthalirin thali kettan vaa
Pavizham viriyum ninte ilam meniyil
Chembaka poo vitharan vaa..Chembaneer maala choodan vaa

Maanathu chandiran vannalum mannilu pookkalam vannalum
Kannipenne ninte munnil chandanakalam kazhchaveykkum (2)
Karimizhiyil kavitha chollum kanavukalode
Kalamozhiyen karalinullil niranju nilkkunnu (2)

Anthikku chokkunna chemmanam maanathu devante sindooram
Chanthamezhum ninte munnil veluveluthoru kaattu poovayi (2)
Karivalakal kilukile nee kilukki odumpol
Kathiraniyum karalinullil puthiyorunmadam (2)

Thamarapoonkattu pole....Naanichodum kaattupenne (2)
Chenthalirin thali kettan vaa
Pavizham viriyum ninte ilam meniyil
Chembaka poo vitharan vaa..Chembaneer maala choodan vaa

Etho oru ponkinaavaay - Lyrics Sathyan Anthikad


Film: Danthagopuram
Lyrics: Sathyan Anthikad
Music: Shyam
Singers: KJ Yesudas

Song: Etho oru ponkinaavaa
Film: Neeyo Njaano (1979)
Lyrics: Sathyan Anthikad
Music: Shyam
Singer: Yesudas

Etho oru ponkinaavaay neeyakannallo
Ente painkili penne (etho oru)
Pranaya malli poovirinjoree
Karayil njaaninnekanaay (pranaya) (etho)

Maanasam kenoo engu poyi nee
Omalaale kaathirikkum thozhanaarundu (maanasam)
Thulumbum priyante mizhi thumbil
Sakhee nee vishaadham alinjallo (etho)

Oho... oho...
Paathiraa kaatil mooliyethunnoo
Paavam etho penkili than thengalin naadham (paathiraa)
Vimookam vithumbum kinaave nee
Mayangoo nisheedham polinjallo (etho oru pon)

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Ponnaaryan paadam Lyrics - Sathyan Anthikad

Song: Ponnaaryan Paadam
Film: Kaaval Maadam
Lyrics: Sathyan Anthikad
Music: A.T.Ummar
Singer: Yesudas

Ponnaaryan paadam poothe chemmaanam chelayuduthu
Ennullile kiliyunarnnedi penne
Kani vellari kaaikkum vayalil ini ithiri neram nilkku
Hrudhayathil thirakalilakkiya penne hoy…

Ponnaaryan paadam poothe chemmaanam chelayuduthu
Ennullile kiliyunarnnedi penne
Kani vellari kaaikkum vayalil ini ithiri neram nilkku
Hrudhayathil thirakalilakkiya penne

Mayilaanchi thoppil ninte kuyilochakal kelkkana neram
Idanenjil mohathin kaliyaattam (mayilaanchi)
Kadamizhiyil paribhavamode neeyanayana neram ponne
Karalinte ullilu ambala melam…hoy… (ponnaaryan)

Oru naalee puzhayude karayil njaan theerkkana puthan veettil
Neeyalle punnaar manavaatti (oru naalee)
Hrudhayathil thaalamuyarthum kanavinte kathiroli pole
Iniyenthinu paari pokan pennu hoy…

Ponnaaryan paadam poothe chemmaanam chelayuduthu
Ennullile kiliyunarnnedi penne
Kani vellari kaaikkum vayalil ini ithiri neram nilkku
Hrudhayathil thirakalilakkiya penne hoy…
Ponnaaryan paadam poothe chemmaanam chelayuduthu
Ennullile kiliyunarnnedi penne(3)

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Revathikkoru Pavakkutty

Revathikkoru Pavakkutty

Sarath kaala megham - Lyrics: Sathyan Anthikad

Song: Sarath kaala megham
Film: Dhruvasangamam (1981)
Lyrics: Sathyan Anthikad
Music: Ravindran
Singer: Yesudas

Sarath kaala megham moodi mayangum madhu Chandra kiranangal pole(2)
Mugdhaanu raagame en an antharangathil nee nithya swapnamaay vannu
Sarath kaala megham moodi mayangum madhu Chandra kiranangal pole

Nisasa nisasa nisasa maga maga nisasa nisasa nisasa pama pama
Nisasa nisa sa maga maga nisasa nisapa pama pama nisa sa maga maga
Nisa pa pamapani saga sanisani panipa mapama nisani panipa mapama
Gamaga sagama panisa sagama panisa sagama panisa

Swapnangal theerkkunna dhweepil ennum narthanam cheythu nin roopam(2)
Panineeril aliyunna himabindu poleyen maanasam ninnil layichu
Iniyenthinomane mounam

Neermuthu choodunna poovum ninte nirmala snehathin madhuvum (2)
Akathaaril choriyunnu madhuraanubhoothikal aathira then mazha pole
Iniyenthinomane naanam iniyenthinomane naanam

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Tharake Mizhiyithalil - (Lyrics Sathyan Anthikad)

Song: Thaarake Mizhiyithal

Movie: Choola
Lyrics: Sathyan Anthikad
Music: Ravindran
Singer: Yesudas

Thaarake mizhiyithalil kannerumayi
thaazhe thirayuvathare nee
etho kinavinte ekantha theerathil
polinjuvo nin punchiri

anjathametho ragam nin nenjil unaraarundo
mohangalinnum ninn pulkimo
manasinte mayaa vathil thuranneedum nombarathal
nee raga pooja cheyyumo (thaarake )

novunna swapnangal than chithayil nee eriyarundo
kanneeriloode chiri thookumo
thamassinte medaykkullil vithumbunnorormmapole
ennum thapam cheyyumo (thaarake )

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Interview with Sathyan Anthikad

Johny Lukose (Manorama) interviews Sathyan Anthikad ("Nere Chovve)

The making of a hit maker

Sathyan Anthikad (left) and Dr.Balakrishnan

In 1973, when Sathyan Anthikad finished Class 10, he wanted to join the Film and Television Institute of India at Pune. But he was told that he could apply only after graduation. “That meant I had to wait five years,” he says. At that time he came across an interview with director Dr P Balakrishnan in the film weekly ‘Cinemarama.’ “I read that he had introduced several people to Malayalam films including musician A T Ummer and director I V Sasi.” So Sathyan wrote a letter to the Chennai-based director. He was surprised to receive a hand-written reply within a week asking the youngster to come for an interview at a hotel in Kochi. After the meeting, Sathyan was hired as assistant director for Balakrishnan’s next film, ‘College Girl.’ “Later he told me my letter was very striking,” says Sathyan. “I do remember writing, ‘Cinema is not a craze for me. It is a dream. I request you to give me an opportunity if possible.’ Usually people write letters begging for an opportunity but I did not.” Once he got an entry into films Sathyan impressed everybody with his sincerity and dedication . “ Dr Balakrishnan was very happy with me.” At that time Sathyan used to write poems. One of them was published in ‘Chandrika,’ a weekly from Kozhikode. A copy was sent to the studio and Balakrishnan happened to read it.

“He called me and said that it was a nice poem.” Balakrishnan asked Sathyan to write a song for his next film but Sathyan said that he had never written one. “A man who can write a poem can also write a song,” said Balakrishnan. Sathyan wrote two songs for ‘Love Letter.’ When he wrote the lyrics of Oru nimisham tharoo ninnilaliyan in ‘Sindhooram,’ it became a super hit. Sung by Yesudas, the inspiration behind the love song was “my feelings for a girl , Nirmala, who eventually became my wife.” He went on to write the lyrics for more than a hundred films even as his job as assistant director continued unabated.

By this time he was getting offers from producers to become a director. In 1981 he accepted an offer from producer K Majeendran to direct a film. He sat with scriptwriter, John Paul, and wrote a script based on kathakali. “We did a small schedule with Nedumudi Venu,” he says.

Sathyan then had to stop because Kamal Haasan, who was the hero, was acting in another film for which he had to have a moustache. “Since a kathakali student was not supposed to have a moustache, I decided to wait till Haasan finished shooting.” During that enforced break, an unforgettable incident took place. One morning, a man knocked on Majeendran’s door at his house in Kochi. When the producer opened it, he was shot dead. “Apparently it was business enmity. But my film collapsed after that.” It took more than a year before he attempted another film. P H Rasheed, an acquaintance of Balakrishnan, offered to produce a film. It was a comedy called ‘Kurukkante Kalyanam’ which became a hit. “This was a turning point for me as I went on to be accepted by the public.” Thereafter Sathyan made several films, all of which did well at the box office.

In 1986, Sathyan’s next turning point came when he met actor Sreenivasan and gave him the idea of ‘T P Balagopalan MA.’ “I had a concept of a middle-class man who earns Rs 700 a month who meets a girl in the same situation,” he says.

Sreenivasan, who liked the idea, wrote the script and the film became a hit.

“When Sreenivasan and I were working on the film we realised we had many things in common,” says Sathyan. “We both come from middle-class families and had a similar outlook and sense of humour.” After ‘Balagopalan,’ the duo worked on ‘Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street’ which became a bumper hit. Together they worked for several films and all of them did well at the box office. By this time Sreenivasan’s career as an actor picked up and he was unable to find time to write scripts. Other scriptwriters such as Lohitadas and Renjan Pramod, who wrote ‘Manasinakkare’ and ‘Achuvinte Amma’ for Sathyan, had become directors and were busy with their own films.

Sathyan realised that if he wanted to continue to make films he had to start writing himself. “So I took the plunge and wrote the script for ‘Rasathantram’,” he says. The success of the film inspired him to write the scripts of ‘Vinodayatra’ and ‘Innathe Chinte Vishayam.’ His next film, the 47th, ‘Bhagyadevatha’, starring Jayaram releases on April 23.

“When my first film collapsed it was a blessing in disguise,” says Sathyan. “It was an art film like those made by Bharathan and K G George. If that film had been completed I might have gone down that route. Instead I turned towards comedy and realistic films. That has been good for my career.”
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Innathe Chinthavishayam



Written and Directed by Sathyan Anthikad
Producer------Antony Perumbavoor
Lyrics--------Gireesh Puthencherry


Innathe Chintha Vishayam (2008) is an Malayalam film directed by Satyan Anthikad. It stars Mohanlal and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles. The film's score and soundtrack is composed by Ilayaraja. The film is based on the current scenario of increased divorces in modern-day Indian society.

Dr .Murali Krishanan (Mukesh), the most successful dentist in the city is more interested in having female associations, more than often. He hides them from his wife Teresa (Sukanya), even by assigning male names for them in his mobile. One fine day he is in a tight corner with his wife raiding his mobile contacts, and for evading the conflicts associated, he walks out of her life even leaving his daughter Lakshmi.

The second family, Pithambaran (Vijayaraghavan) and his wife Premila (Mohini) with their lovely children Malavika and Madhavan are leading a good life. But due to increased possessiveness for his wife, Pithambaran returns home from gulf throwing away his good job, and starts escorting his wife all along. He even develops inferiority complex which further complicates things for Premila, ultimately resulting in continuous fights and separation.

And in the third family, Rehna (Muthumani) is not able to continue with her lawyer profession due to the orthodox attitude of her husband and his family. She too walks out of his life, and starts working independently. Into the lives of these three ladies who starts living separately arrives, G K alias Gopakumar, a garment exporter. He has bought the house where Teresa is staying away from her husband Muralikrishnan. Now left in a difficult situation which does not allow G K, to throw out Teresa and her daughter, to establish his office, Gopakumar is trying newer ways to get the couple together. And in the process he meets the other similar ladies who happen to be friends of Teresa. The film follows how G K with his fashion designer Kamala and land Broker Immanuel, succeeds in getting the feuding couples back to lives of reunion.
source -

Mohanlal-------GK alias Gopakumar
Meera Jasmine--Kamala
Mukesh.--------Dr .Murali Krishanan




kando kando kaakkakkuyilae pattutuththa paavakkunjae
kaattu moolum choolum kettal maarilottum maina kunjae
peyyamazhakkaatu kaattil poovali pol meyyum manju
minnaponnin kootu koottil kunjaankili kunje vaayo..
kathiraai pathiraai oru kadha njaan parayaam
pazhamozhi than poompaattumaay..
kando kando kando.. (kando kando)

kaatukompane thaali ketti ee kokkaan poocha
aattuthottilil kaalkuatanjatho pokkaan thavala
kumbhamaasathil kuruvi nattathu kuruvaal nellu
neeli chundeli koythetuththatho kaanaakkanalu
kolamayil thampraan unnaan naattu pazhamchaoru
kaatikatanjaare thannu ottukutam moaru
pokkiriyum peekkiriyum pata paokunnae
innonaattumkara naattil thaipooyam (kando kando)

aattinkuttiye oottipottuvan raachennaaya
onnirukkiyal chankarukkumee chathiyan njantu
aaattu meeninotishtam kooduvaan thatiyan kokku
pookkarumbi than paalkarukkuvaan moorkhan paampu
aanjilimel oonjaalaataan koote varum vavvaalu
koonanurumpaanae naavil neymadhuram nalkaan
poothakilum katuthutiyum arivaaya maan
ee naatil natappatu vettapuliyaattam (kando kando)

kasthoori pottum thotten kannam thumbi va va
theenakothi thinnam pinne thillanakal paadam(2)
enthuvenam.. thinkal vaave.
chandaminangum poonthen munthiringa
ente panchaara poompaythale nenchil konchan neeyum vaa.
(kasthoori pottum)

theyyathre theyyathare theyy thom aadu
thana thara theyyathare theyyathare theyy theyy thoom (2)

mukilin munthum nee muvanthithan chandum
munnazhi pooponnum nalkam
kavilil minnan ee kayampoovin chelum
kannadi pori tholkkum minnum
olakkam lolaakkay kathil thullam
peeli poo kannil may varnam chartham
kalkanda thunde ninne moodan
polppandam konde porum ningal
ente panchaara poompaithale nenchil konchan neeyum vaa
(kasthoori pottum)

mazhavil kombil ee manchaadipoom thundil
maayapoo kaattadum kaalam...
kanavum kaanam poo kannadiyum nokkam
kalyaani kuyile nee poru...
muttolam moodan nin mudiyil choodaan
nhettolam mottekum panineerpaadam
thoovenna thunde ninne kaanaan..
kuzhaloothi porunnunde kannan..
ente panchaarapoom paithale nenchil konchan neeyum va
(kasthoori pottum)

manassiloru poomaala
i love you love you
you love me love me
manichikaala maanu poomeeno hoy

kanaviloru poothaali
that i know know
that you know know
kurukumoru kaatto poonkaatto
ponnurukum meyyil njaan onnu thottaneram manjurukum nenjil
nee muthamitta neram palunku valakayyetuthe kannupothum
omana ponjin mani nee
(manassiloru poomaala)

panchavarnakkiliye thanchamittu parakkaan
nenchakathoritam tharaam njan
kochuckochu pinakkam pinneyullorinakkaam
pichavakkum kurumpallayo
paathiramainakal paathivari paatumbol
paalamel poovukal kaattilavelkkumpol
enikku ninte neermizhikal koluthivachcha poothrikal
enikku ninte punchirikal atuthu vanna sundarikal
vellimani thulli thulli vaa oh vennilulla thankathinkale
muththaninja muti ketti mullamalar mottuvacha
omanaponjinmani njaan (manassiloru)

kantukantangirikke chentumalli kavilil
vantu vannu valam vakkunnu
ennumennu ithupol ninne nokkiyirikkaan
kannilulla kili konchunnu
aayiram thaarakal ninne varavelkumpoal
ambilee ninnil njaan kumbil mazha thaedumbpol
arike vannorummatharaan
thitukkamenthin en ponne
kothichu poyathenthe njaan
nokki nokki kothippikkalle
he pokkuveyil Salabhangalae
aha chillu kondnu chumalitta kootinullil
thaaamara kilimakalae (manassiloru)

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Vinodayathra (2007)


Dileep,Mukesh,Innocent,Meera Jasmin,Parvathy,Seetha,Master Ganapathy

Written and Directed by Sathyan Anthikad
Lyrics---------------Vayalar Sarath

Story Line
It is the story of a good natured but irresponsible young man, Vinod (Dileep) who comes to a hilly village live with his elder sister Vimala (Seetha) and brother in law, shaji (Mukesh). Shaji is an engineer and Vinod wants to learn life from him, but end up creating problems for Shaji. Vinod meets a lot of people in the village and learns lessons of life from them chief of which being Anupama (Meera Jasmine) whom she fells in love with. The film is a comedy, but ends up leaving a message for the audience like a typical Sathyan Anthikkadu movie.

Dileep -------------- Vinod
Mukesh ------------ Raghavan
Meera Jasmine ----- Anupama
Parvathi ------------ Rashmi
Seetha -------------- Vimala
Innocent ------------ Thankachan
K.P.A.C. Lalitha ----- John Mathew's Sister
Murali ---------------Vijayan
Nedumudi Venu ------John Matthew
Mammukoya --------- Ananthan
source :-

Kaiyetha kombatho kannethenam
kannetha dooretho chennethanam(2)
chennathi nee kaiyethanam
kaiyethi nee kandethanam
atham pathaadum muttathe ponmuthu

chelluloromal kunjaakanam
chemmanthi poo choodanam
kannade munnil nee chellanam
ambadi pennakanam
medathin konna poo venam
valsalya pononam venam
pookaalam thedum thenakenam
thenorum naavil nerum venam
janmathin neynaalame
snehathin naleename

thenmaavil ooyal nee aadanam
aayathil chanchadanam
maanathe vaathil nee kaananam
mammende tholeranam
kunnathe illathum ponam
kunnolom kaineettam venam
ellarum chollum sheelaakenam
ennennum paadum sheelam venam
meghathin manjeerame
mounathin sangeethame

Mandaarapoo mooli kaathil
thaimasam vannallo
sindhoora poo paadi koode
nee swanthamaayallo
aaraarum kanaathe aambal kinaavum
onnonnum mindaathe eeran nilaavum
onnaakum pole sruthiyaayi layamaayi
mandaarapoo mooli kaathil
thaimasam vannallo

kurunninum kilunninum madhuram neeye
inakkili parannonnu varane
ninachathum kothichathum pathivasyennil
nirayakkane vilambi nee tharane
maaril chernnurangum
panineerin thellu nee aahaahaaa
ullil peythirangum ilaneerin thullli nee
alinjum nunanjum manasse neeyo thedu
neele nedaanetho sammanam

kilungiyum kunungiyum aruvi neeyo
kilungiyo chinungiyo arike
inangiyum pinangiyum alayaayi neeyo
chilambiyo thulumbiyo veruthe
meeyil kai thalodum nura pole
kathil vannu cherum puzha pole konchiyo
niranjum kavinjum mansee thanee
padoo naaleyalle kaavil kalyaanam

Thennipaayum thennale ninte theril keran vannidaam
thulli chaadum pullimanulla mele mettil chennidaam
neela vinnin vennilaave ninne njanonnu kai thodaam
ninte meyyil cherumazhakin vaninodunnu chernnidam
koodu vittu menjidunna kuyile vaa
meettan vaa mettilo koodaam
vilayaadam paadidaam
mayile va koottamayi aadaam
kuyile vaa ettidaam

kunnimanikal meni mezhukum
aruna shobhaye vangidam
theyya theyya theyaa
kallimozhikal cholliyunarum
prema laalanam kettidaam
thathe ninte koode choolam moodi paadidaam
muthe ninte chaare konjaninnu chaanjidaam
vellimalayil chaadi mariyaam
nalla kanikal thedi nunayaam
pachapullin methapaayil mayangidaam
odi kithach kithchonnu vaa(thennipaayum)

mullavalliyil neele viriyum
puthiya mottukal nullidaam
theyya theyya theyaa
allimakalum thumbi makalum
meyyorummiyo kandidaam
puthan manju neele choodum thedi poyidaam
kathunnente mole kannil kannum nokkidaam
thankaveyilin malayaniyaam
koodum mazhayil koonj nanayaam
onnichotti vellikinnam eduthidaam
muthi kothich kothichonnu vaa

Akkikkokki thanam paadi
pakkathethi chemmanathe
vithum kothi konde kudum
chella thalle
harithamalle jeevitham

muttathaake chutti chutti
thathi thathi
chempadathe muthum muthi
paari pokum myna penne
maduramalle jeevitham
aksharam thediyal
utharam nediyaal
vithukal thookiyal
nalla nerathu paakiyaal
naale nee vannu venda nellonnu koythu kondu pokam

sambathin naalilo thaikal nadu neeye
aapathin velayil kaaykal virunnane

sughangale ennennume
undakane koodene
velli kinnam thulli thullunne
thaane velli kanno minni chimmunne
payye payye thinnal ennum
pathil patho micham vekkam
padichu padichu neengaam

kaalathe ennume maanam thelinjille
maanathe meghamo doore maranjille

nirangale engegumen
vannidane vaazhene
thappum kotti pooram cherunne
neeyo kettum ketti patti koodunne
micham vechal ennum koode
pacham kaalam mecham thanne
thudichu thudichu neengaam