Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sathyan Anthikad's first producer

Mail from Remeez ...

Respected sir,
I just had a quick refer with your blog.its very informative abot sathyan anthikad movies,his career.being an sathyan antikad fan this blog is something which would relly help us to discuss our views and reiwes of his films but i have a samll concern that sathyan anthikad was shown as a proven director by the movie kurukante kalyanam which was produced by ph rasheed.its mr rasheed who stepped forward when many producers stepped behing to wrok with sathyan anthikaad.then their duo had many hit films like mandanmar londonil,lal americayil etc but Mr rasheed was not given mere inmportance in the blog.So i request you to please check in to it and bring into picture about sathyan anthikad's first prducer who help our favourite director prove his capablity and talent.
Thanks and Regards

Hello Rameez,

Thanks for giving us these details...

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