Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bhadyadevatha 100th day celebration

Bhagyadevatha's 100th day has been celebrated.Sathyan sir's full crew attended the function.
Fazil was the chief guest.

In Jayaram's speech he said more about Ilayaraja's presence.Ilayaraja used to avoid these celebrations, even if Tamilnadu
chief minister invite him....It is only because of Rajasir's relation with Sathyettan he attended the function.He added that in Ilayaraja's studio Sathyan sir and Rajasir used to share jokes and they were behaving like thick friends...

Ilayaraja said that when he first heard the online of the story he was very impressed about that and he informed Sathyan sir that this film surely will be a big hit.

Innocent as usual shared his style of jokes...There were celebrations held in Anthikad arranged by Sathyan sir's family when Sathyan sir got Innocent's date for Bhagyadevatha....

Congratulations to Bhagyadevatha team.