Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bhagyadevatha 100th day......!!!!!!...............

Today its 100th day of Bhagyadevatha..The film still running successfully in some releasing centers including TVM Sree (4 shows)....

The film almost recovered its cost even before the release.This is one of the first report that came in media before its release.The film had given a rebirth to Jayaram.And it is good to see he is back.As always in almost all interviews he praised Sathyan sir..He always loved to work with Sathyan sir..In Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu,Artham,My dear Muthachan..,he acted the support role only because those movies were directed by Sathyan sir.

Narain's case is also similar..He is the one who think hundred times before giving his date..It was not a through out role.But he also agreed to work in this film, only because his commitment to Sathyan Sir...The turning point in Narain's career was Sathyan sir's Achuvinte Amma
The film also intoduced lot of new faces...Chembil Asokan (Boat owner),LakshmiPriya , Akhila (Jayaram's sisters)...As always , Vettukili Prakash also got a good role in this film too....He makes that interval sequence superb.....

As usual, songs department was outstanding..All songs were big hits...."Swapnangal Kannezhuthiya song sung by Rahul Nambiar is my personal favorite....

This is the for the second time Rajesh Jayaraman teams up with Sathyan sir..He wrote the story for Achuvinte Amma and now for "Bhagyadevatha".......

Venu's camera work is simply outstanding in this film..Especially boat scenes and all...
Yet another Sathyan Anthikad movie reached 100 days..Something all Sathyan Anthikad lovers can feel proud of....Waiting for more from Sathyan sir.......


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