Monday, June 29, 2009

Homage to Lohithadas

Its been a cruel sunday for all malayalam movie lovers.We lost our dear Lohithadas.
He started his career with "Thaniyavarthanam". joined with Sathyan sir for "Kudumbapuranam".Kudumpuranam is Lohithadas's third film as a script writer.In his all films he more tells about the relationship or bond between father and son.
He worked with Sathyan sir for

Kudumbapuranam (1988)
Sasneham (1990)
Kanalkattu (1991)
Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal (1999)
All were super hits

These were the films of Lohithadas

Lohithadas as a Writer:

1. Nivedhyam (2007) (writer)
2. Chakkara Muthu (2006) (writer)
3. Chakram (2003) (writer)
4. Kasthuriman (2003) (writer)
5. Soothradharan (2001) (writer)
6. Joker (2000) (writer)
7. Arayannegalude Veedu (2000) (writer)
8. Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal (1999) (writer)
9. Kanmadam (1998) (writer)
10. Ormacheppu (1998) (writer)
11. Bhoothakkannadi (1997) (writer)
12. Karunyam (1997) (writer)
13. Sallapam (1996) (writer)
14. Thooval Kottaram (1996) (writer)
15. Sadaram (1995) (writer)
16. Sagaram Sakshi (1994) (writer)
17. Chakoram (1994) (writer)
18. Padheyam (1993) (writer)
19. Gardish (1993) (story)
20. Vatsalyam (1993) (writer)
21. Chenkol (1993) (writer)
22. Venkalam (1993) (writer)
23. Kauravar (1992) (writer)
24. Adharam (1992) (writer)
25. Kamalathalam (1992) (writer)
26. Valayam (1992) (writer)
27. Kanalkkattu (1991) (writer)
28. Amaram (1991) (writer)
29. Bharatham (1991) (writer)
30. Dhanam (1991) (writer)
31. Kuttettan (1990) (writer)
32. His Highness Abdullah (1990) (writer)
33. Maala Yogam (1990) (writer)
34. Sasneham (1990) (writer)
35. Mahayanam (1989) (writer)
36. Mudra (1989) (writer)
37. Dasharatham (1989) (writer)
38. Jaathakam (1989) (writer)
39. Kireedam (1989) (writer)
40. Mukthi (1988) (writer)
41. Vicharana (1988) (writer)
42. Kudumba Puranam (1988) (writer)
43. Ezhuthapurangal (1987) (writer)
44. Thaniyavartanam (1987) (writer)

The films he directed

1. Nivedhyam (2007)
2. Chakkara Muthu (2006)
3. Chakram (2003)
4. Kasthuriman (2003)
5. Soothradharan (2001)
6. Joker (2000)
7. Arayannegalude Veedu (2000)

8 . Kanmadam (1998)
9. Ormacheppu (1998)
10. Karunyam (1997)
11. Bhoothakkannadi (1997)

Lohithads is not simply a writer to Sathyan sir.He is been a true friend to Sathyan sir.They both decided to work together in near future.But.....
Sathyan sir was not even in a situation to speak to press.He was crying like a child.That reveals the bond between him and Lohithadas.

In every movies , he tried to tell something to the youth.It is like that from his first film.
Please watch this scene from Thaniyavarthanam

Its a huge loss to the whole malayalam industry. We lost a legend.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Paravoor Bharathan's comdey - Mazhavilkkavady ..."car angottu pokilla angunne"...nice one....

Watch Paravoor Bharathan's comdey - Mazhavilkkavady
"car angottu pokilla angunne"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sreebala K Menon - Associate Director of Bhagyadevatha

Its been a surprise when we hear the name of a lady in the column of an assistant director.Thats Sreebala K Menon - Kerala Sahithya Academy award holder. Sreebala K Menon got a promotion from assistant to associate director in the film "Bhagyadevatha". She is a post-graduate in Literature, who is also trained in Science and Development Communication from the C-DIT.

Sreebala K. Menon was awarded the Kerala Sahitya Academi award in the category for humour.
Sreebala K Menon started her career in Sathyan Sir's " Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka". She worked as an assistant director in "Achuvinte Amma" , "Rasathanthram" , "Vinodayathra" , "Innathe Chinthavishayam". Its been Sreebala K Menon's luck to start with Sathyan Sir. No doubt she got a good talent and will surely proove her abilities as a writer and director.

We all can expect a good movie from her soon.
..All the best....

To read the inerview of Sreebala K Menon in The Hindu...

Click here

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bhagyadevatha 50 th day....Kudos to Sathyan Anthikad

Bhagyadevatha completes successfull 50 days in box office.
As always Sathyan Anthikad keeps his audience happy.In an interview he said " Dont go behind the other language films where they use new technologies. Use the technologies that the film demands.And never underestimate the audience mind." Rahul Nambiar

In this film Sathyan sir-Ilayaraja introduced a new singer to malayalam industry ..."Rahul Nambiar".He sung the song "swapnangal kannezhithiya" with K.S Chithra".....Before this song he sung a song for "Mulla"..Ee Ravil...But "swapnangal kannezhuthiya" song made him popular.and his voice made that song beautiful.
Congrats to him......
Recently i saw a good report about him in "The Hindu"

The another important thing is its location , Kuttanad.
Sathyan sir always select beautiful locations for his movies.
Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal - Goa
Achuvinte Amma - Calicut
Rasathanthram - Thodupuzha,Moolamattam

I am sure this film will surely run 100 days in almost all releasing centres.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bhagyadevatha's 25th day poster

Good one...nice design...good color tone...

Bhagyadevatha now "Vijayadevatha"......Yes ...stepping towards 50th day, it is already recovered all its costs and i am sure , it will make a huge profit.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mamukkoyas award makes me more happy - Sathyan Anthikad

Innathe Chinthavishayam got the state award for the popular movie of 2008.
Mamukkoya also got the award for best comedian for his acting in this film.
This is for the first time this award has been giving to someone by State govt.

As per Sathyan Anthikad, Mamukkoya deserves this award because of his dedication to a character.

Mamukkoya always got good characters in Sathyan sir's movies.

Gandhi Nagar2nd street, MazhavilKavadi, Nadodikkattu, Thalayanamanthram, Sasneham, Rasathanthram, Manassinakkare, Innathe Chinthavishayam were the films which he performed very well.
One of the best scene that came to my memory about Mamukkoya was from Thalayanamanthram which i used to say to my friends.
Thalayanamanthram - "nammal polytechnicil onnum padichittillallo"

Congratulations Mamukkoya....You deserve this award....

Innathe Chinthavishayam got state award - Popular movie of 2008

Happy news for all Sathyan Anthikad fans.

Sathyan Anthikad's "Innathe Chinthavishayam" has been selected as Popular movie of 2008.
Mohanlal , Meera Jasmin starred movie released as a vishu release last year.
This movie did well in box office too.The producer recovered the costs in the intial weeks itself.

Innathe Chinthavishayam - Review

Congratulations Sathyan sir......

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bhagyadevatha a big hit - Another mile stone in Sathyan Anthikad 's career

Sathyan Anthikad 's Bhagyadevatha completed five weeks in theater.Initial days the collection was not that high , but after three four days , again mouth publicity comes into play for a Sathyan Anthikad film.Family audience got what they expected from a Sathyan Anthikad movie.
Yes , as i mentioned in one of my posts , it was a treat for all sathyan sir fans.
When a new cinemateographer comes for the first time for a Sathyan Anthikad film , they will do the level best.For many years , Vipin Mohan was the cameraman for Sathyan Anthikad films.
When Azhagappan did camera for "Manassinakkare " , it was well appreciated all over the place.
Then S.Kumar for the first time did the camera work with Sathyan Anthikad for "Vinodayathra".
As you all know how beautiful for that. Now the veteran cameraman Venu for the first time did the camera work for Bhagyadevatha , and it was outstanding , especially the boat scenes.
All cameramen were waiting for a chance in Sathyan Anthikad film . Who is next ? Let us wait and see.