Monday, March 30, 2015

Ennum Eppozhum - Review

A review from FB..

Ennum Eppolum, much awaited combo of Sathyan Anthikad, Lalettan & Manju Warrier...
A perfect family entertainer with simple story line and familiar characters.
One cannot stop admiring the element of depth and simplicity, Lalettan brings to the character. I wonder, if there is any other actor who could give such intuitive renderance as much as him. Of course, he is a man of intuitions and he performs as if whole Universe is dwelling within him..

Of course, the final shot of rain,an open window, a blank paper to which Lalettan about to pour his thoughts of 'the woman'; instantly triggers again our Thoovanathumbikal memories. And I think, there is no better way to end a Mohanlal movie..

With a gentle plot, it starts and ends just like a soul soothing summer rain, a breeze or that familiar flute music heard from a distance.

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