Friday, December 20, 2013

Oru Indian Pranayakadha - Review 5

Santhyan Anthikad nte sameepakaala form vech valya pratheeksha onnum illayirunnu..Enkilum script pulli allathakondu FDFS kaanan poyi...And its safe to say Sathyan is back to what he does best....Oru Anthikad padathil ninnu nammal pratheekshikkunnath ellam ithil und....It has humour,scenic locations,great songs, and some good acting...Kottayam kaaranaya Congress kaaran cheruppakkarante kadhayanu padam parayunnath..Avide vannethunna Canadian ladyude koode ayaal cherunnathode aanu kadha vikasikkunnath....Fahad as Aymanam Sidharthan does a fabulous job...Sathyan Anthikadinte naayakan maaril ulla ella prathyekathakalum ulla kadhapatram....Amala Paul as the Canadian-Indian is lovable... Movie 's first half is absolutely hilarious...Randaam pakuthiyil kurach serious aayi enkilum mostly interesting aayi thanne padam pokunnu...Technical side of the movie is good as well....Vidya Sagar's music is a big plus...Having said that,usual Sathyan padangalde cliches um und ee cinemayil...

All in all a well packaged movie which is capable of attracting all types of audiences...If you love Sathyan Anthikad movies of old,you are most likely to enjoy this one...

Verdict:Typical Sathyan entertainer

Courtesy - Forumkeralam

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