Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snehaveedu - Successful 25 Days ....

Completed 25 successful days.
We could see houseful boards in some of the centers even after the third week of release.
After a long time we could see long ladies queue for tickets.
Most of the people applause's Mohanlal's performance.
After many years, in this movie , we could see little bit TP Balagopalan, Dasan, Gopalakrishna Panicker, Premachandran , Sethu and all...the same Mohanlal , everyone love to see..
Rahul Pillai's performance is also remarkable.

Yes. There were some bad remarks in some of the social networking websites.
It is sure that those who does not watched the movie is making all these false comments.
Some people questioned about climax. A simple question to those group.
In a simple movie like this do we need to add some thrilling fight sequences or some long bold dialogues with some double meanings ?

The movie has the best climax that the story demands. I am not revealing the details now.
Those who love good movies will surely this one from Sathyan sir..No doubt..

New trailer

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