Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snehaveedu good report all over Kerala

2 days...Good report all over Kerala.. This one also heading towards a big hit...
Its a gift from Sathyan sir to all those who love good malayalam movies..
Thank you very much..

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  1. i really dont know what happens to sathyettans films.The characters are not striking in your heart If you look in to his earlier films , thats all remind u because of strong charaterization .KANCHANA,DASSAN AND VIJAYAN,KOCHUTHOMMA,PRABHAKARAN AND PARAKSHAN,KOCHUTHERSSIA,ACHU the list goes on.Sathyettan should think about to work in other writers scripts becz all his good films were back upped by either sreenivasan,lohitadas or ranjan pramod.