Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Jayaram, Innocent, Nayan Thara, Sheela, K.P.A.C. Lalitha

-------- Sathyan Anthikkadu
Writer---------- Ranjan Pramod
------- N.P. Subair

Story Summary
Kochu Thresia(Sheela), is a rich widow, who craves to 'live' life, but is alienated by her children who are caught in the rat race for making money. At this juncture, she meets the young, down-to-earth Reji (Jayaram) in whom she finds a companion. Reji eagerly fulfils all her wishes. From savouring the mouth-watering 'but forbidden' beef to riding on the elephant, they enjoy all the moments spent together. They even get arrested by the police for gambling. Meanwhile, in his efforts to control his alcoholic father Chacko (Innocent), from causing public nuisance, Reji takes over the fatherly role.

Melleyonnu paadi ninne njaanurathi omale
kannilulla kanavoothathe chundilulla chiri mayaathe
paathi peytha mazha kanaathe
ven paarijaatha malarariyaathe
melleyonnu paadi ninne njaanunarthi omale

poomaanam kuda pidikkum hoy
ee poopaattin vayal varambil…
kaatode kavilurummi hoy
njaan aatoram nadannirunnu
pakal mulla mottaay neeyo virinjirunnu
pular veyil ponno ninne pothinjirunnu
thaana naana nana thananana na
maarilulla marukariyaathe
manassilulla kili ariyaathe (melleyonnu)

annum nee thanichirikkum hoy
ee thaazhampoo puzha kadavil
enthe nee arikilethi hoy
nin janmangal enikku thannu
pathungi vannenne melle madiyil vachoo
paribhavam konden kaathil kadha paranjoo
thana nanana thana nanana
chaari ninna nizhalariyaathe
ee mazha nanaja mukil ariyaathe

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